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Meet Jenna


Jenna started her real estate career years ago in the Washington DC area, working in management for a ground breaking real estate team than specialized in investor sales of foreclosures and short sales during one of history’s toughest market drops to date. Then in 2010, she became a St James, Missouri transplant after her husband’s retirement from the Air Force. Jenna and her family have immersed themselves in communities across North Dakota, Colorado, California, Virginia and now her final stop in Missouri. Each time Jenna understood the importance of finding a home to buy for the RIGHT price so that when it was time to move, she never lost money on her investment. Now she does the same for her clients! She specializes in relocation and strong negotiation and always goes the extra mile for her sellers and buyers. If you want to hear things straight, Jenna is your RIGHT REALTOR®. She is a CEO & Team Leader of THE CLOSERS Real Estate Team with offices in Downtown Rolla & St James. She personally serves over 100 clients each year and she would love to be your trusted advisor in All Things Real Estate!

Email and texts are the fastest way to reach Jenna, so feel free to reach her at [email protected] or 701.340.4204 today. And yes, that’s a North Dakota area code, but it’s her direct line to this day. She hopes to connect with you very soon.

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